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Art is a representation of what humanity has become, what it is becoming and what it will be; and that is what we represent at GalleryToday. We were launched as a subsidiary of ArtInvest Company in 2003, to focus on helping talented artists sell their artworks so they can utilize more of their time on creating wonderful paintings for humanity and what it stands for.

As a company fashioned from universality and though majority of our artists are from the United States, we have decided to spread our tentacles to become an international online gallery with happy and talented artists from over 40 countries that include France, India, Russia, Brazil etc.

Since artworks serve various purposes that range from beautifying homes and offices, they have evolved to also be a sort of great investment. Therefore, at GalleryToday, we offer a user friendly atmosphere on our platform that makes it easy and fast to browse through exhibitions and galleries when our customers are searching for those artistic offerings that tickle their fancies.

Having discovered that traveling down through expensive trips and jamming traffic in order to come and check out art works has become rampant, we have made things easy in such a way that you could sit back and scroll through our selected original paintings from the comfort of your homes and offices, with the absence of standing hours in halls.

We welcome you to our artistic community and we hope you find it helpful and enjoyable. It is a soothing pleasure for maintaining it.

Payment Security

We are fully aware of internet happenstances and that is why we have decided to secure and process all our payments through our business partner, 2CheckOut Inc. (owned by Verifone), based in Columbus, OH, USA. Kindly refer all billing questions to : (650)963-5701 (USA and Canada)

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GalleryToday Founder

“We launched GalleryToday in 2003 to serve as a bridge between lovers of Artworks that are unable to get original paintings, especially from international artists in different galleries, and also to put an end to galleries offering cheap and low quality reproductions due to distance. GalleryToday, is not only serving as a convergent point for artists around the world but also to guarantee each sale. For this, we have a contractual agreement with artists whose works are represented by the gallery that demands the artist to ship paintings in sound condition and also to notify us if they sell their works elsewhere.

Our international connection of outstanding paintings at GalleryToday spans through works by talented artists from USA, France, Russia, Italy, India, Peru, Brazil etc. Every sale is guaranteed by GalleryToday. And because safety is a crucial core, together with our artists, we make sure that every painting arrives safely and in perfect condition at its destination.

Work of arts, when placed strategically in offices or homes, they serve a special purpose of establishing a soulful connection among different subjects be it at home or work. This then gets tampered with through the influx of online galleries that deal with cheap reproductions or substandard quality thereby to soil the expectations of an art investor, art lovers or professional company. Getting an original painting delivered in good condition not only brings prestige to us at GalleryToday but also to ensure a good working relationship created by artworks and paintings between employees and employers in a work environment.

We have dealt with enough artworks to know that the textured strokes and true blends of color that comes with original paintings move beyond the canvas and frame to commune with the senses in ways that substandard reproductions failed to achieve. It is difficult these days to find many online galleries selling original paintings, especially signed by international artists that also offer guarantee for each sale; a major reason for the launch of GalleryToday."

GalleryToday Team


Happy to possess 2 beautiful paintings by Ioan Popei. They are so beautiful. Thank you!

S. Martha, CA

I picked up the package 3 days ago. The paintings are already on my wall and I like them all. Please pass on my thanks and kindest regards.

N. Kate, Denver

Just wanted to thank you for the prompt reply to my enquiry. The order was delivered today and the painting looks amazing. I love it.

R. Robert, UK

Beautiful paintings and thanks for the Cerificate of Authenticity. Everything arrived in good condition and without any damage.

F. Kate, Australia

I like how the paintings look like. Order was delivered in 8 days from London which is great.

J. Dany, IL