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Original floral paintings are valuable, decorative, and represent the absolute beauty of nature. Even if you don't have one in your home, it's very likely that you still know a few people who do! They are the ultimate form of decorative art, simply because people from all cultures appreciate the radiance of flowers. Throughout history they have played many roles, from religious symbolism to emotional representations - and have definitely had a huge impact on decorative art. These paintings give off so much energy that it's almost impossible to ignore, they can definitely liven up a room. They known to have many different meanings. For example, the purple lilac symbolizes 'the first emotions of love' and the Amaryllis represents pride. An artist can paint a large floral painting in order to depict a certain emotion, which can either brighten up or even darken the mood of the area that it is located. Flowers became extremely popular in the United States and Victorian England around the 19th century; therefore there was a large amount of original floral painting created during this time.

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