Original Still-Life Paintings

Just like photographs, paintings preserve special moments forever. They can also show creativity by using different objects that you daily use to add personality to a particular place. Awe-inspiring, still life paintings showcase various events in a person’s life. Subjects can greatly vary from one painting to another. Some of the most popular choices are fruits, flowers, musical instruments, vegetables, butterflies, and more. Aside from excessive creative juices and a fertile imagination, they are also rich in symbolism. Provoke your guests’ thoughts as they try to figure out what your painting symbolizes. Still life paintings will tickle the eyes and the artistic hearts of those who see them. These paintings stand out because of their interesting mix of colors and shapes depicted, as well as for their background coloring effects. They may also feature events that occurred ages ago as well as objects used to be common, serving also as a reminder about significant events and places artistically placed on canvas. These paintings do not require a deep analysis before you appreciate their beauty.

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