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  • Abstract

    Abstract artists feel liberated when they create art, because they can escape realism and produce artwork that's heavily influenced on their mood or current state of mind. The viewers generally love this painting style because it can connect with them, often in a way that they don't understand. Therefore, it's fair to say that abstract paintings can promote curiosity and even change the mood of an individual. It displays lines, shapes and colors in a way that expresses emotion. As art is reflective and does not have to necessarily be describable; original abstract paintings are valid in such a sense that they, alike other forms or paintings, have the will to influence people, reflecting on the unspoken gaps of the human experience.

  • Landscape

    Beautiful landscape paintings will capture nature and other settings in an outstanding way, as each artist will depict a setting using their unique artistic ability. From impressionist to traditionalist, each artist will portray the world how they see it. Original landscape paintings can capture a setting in a way that a photograph can't, as the artist will add emotion and life to the setting through their brush strokes and usage of effects. In today's world, representational landscapes are still popular and make great investment opportunities. Although, they are amazing decorations and can add the beauty of nature to any house, office or room. Does the painting connect with you? A beautiful painting will catch your attention immediately due to its aesthetic appeal, from the detail and brushes, to the colors and texture.

  • Floral

    Original floral paintings are valuable, decorative, and represent the absolute beauty of nature. Even if you don't have one in your home, it's very likely that you still know a few people who do! They are the ultimate form of decorative art, simply because people from all cultures appreciate the radiance of flowers. Throughout history they have played many roles, from religious symbolism to emotional representations - and have definitely had a huge impact on decorative art. These paintings give off so much energy that it's almost impossible to ignore, they can definitely liven up a room. They known to have many different meanings. For example, the purple lilac symbolizes 'the first emotions of love' and the Amaryllis represents pride. An artist can paint a large floral painting in order to depict a certain emotion, which can either brighten up or even darken the mood of the area that it is located. Flowers became extremely popular in the United States and Victorian England around the 19th century; therefore there was a large amount of original floral painting created during this time.

  • Nude

    Nude artworks represent the painter's emotions in relation to his models and also to the world he lives in or he imagines. That is why buying a nude art it is like owning a little bit of the artist's soul and imagination. Here at our online art gallery you may discover a large variety of original nude paintings, picking your favourite one from this finest selection of original paintings. You may discover a perfect artistic land in which you will be, everytime you admire your favourite painting. As a true art lover, you must know that the artist of a nude painting is seeking to interpret and also to "invent" an ideal, he cannot simply copy from nature. He's like a magician that surprises everyone with his magnificent tricks.

  • Figurative
  • Still-Life

    Just like photographs, paintings preserve special moments forever. They can also show creativity by using different objects that you daily use to add personality to a particular place. Awe-inspiring, still life paintings showcase various events in a person’s life. Subjects can greatly vary from one painting to another. Some of the most popular choices are fruits, flowers, musical instruments, vegetables, butterflies, and more. Aside from excessive creative juices and a fertile imagination, they are also rich in symbolism. Provoke your guests’ thoughts as they try to figure out what your painting symbolizes. Still life paintings will tickle the eyes and the artistic hearts of those who see them. These paintings stand out because of their interesting mix of colors and shapes depicted, as well as for their background coloring effects. They may also feature events that occurred ages ago as well as objects used to be common, serving also as a reminder about significant events and places artistically placed on canvas. These paintings do not require a deep analysis before you appreciate their beauty.

  • Cityscape-Rural
  • Animal

    Especially recommended for animal lovers, people who are looking for stress relievers, and those who are looking to add a unique touch on their home decoration. Animal lovers usually choose cats and dogs while some go for relaxing colors of birds and fishes. Those who like drama and pieces that stand out, look for wild animals and rare species. When it comes to animal paintings, the possibilities are endless. No matter what your taste and preferences are, you will find the perfect painting able to be the focal point of your interior. Animal paintings showcase a wide variety of line combinations beeing able to also inject emotions and "character" to a place inside your home – wild, fierce, domestication, uniqueness, mystery, and more. The right kind of painting can easily help you achieve the look and the vibe that you are looking for. It can make your home or office look exotic, warm, and more. Transform a particular space while showing off your taste and love for nature. Bring the animal kingdom right where you want it – in your home, office, or pretty much anywhere you want.