Original Oil Paintings

Artists will use the different types of oil to manipulate their paintings and add shading effects, or even realistic textures. When viewing a canvas oil painting in person, one will notice the texture, and get a better understanding of how much work went into making the painting. Some paintings are glossy, while some are more creative, mixing the different types of oils to create textures for clouds, grass, wood, water and more. Oil paint is great because it is extremely versatile, which gives the artists way more freedom and ability to create a unique piece of art. From a viewer's perspective, oil paintings are the best types of paintings to invest in, or purchase with the intent to hang it up on your wall. The quality and texture of an original oil painting is quite amazing, and the printed copies just don't have that same quality. You will be able to notice the texture of the brush strokes, which can sometimes represent emotion in modern and abstract art.

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