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  • Is the Creation of Arts Therapeutic?

    Art therapy gives the clients a chance to perceive, express themselves and communicate effectively during a secure therapeutic session with the therapist. Art therapy can be held as one-to-one sessions or as group sessions. This is often used in educational institutes, psychiatric wards, in art psychotherapy, self-development groups, nursing homes, rehabilitation programs, prisons and many other places which require psychological counseling. Art therapy digs deep into the subconscious of individuals. This world is a reservoir of innovation, individuality, and power, but also is a container of negativity. Art......Read More

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  • Do you have to be Talented to be a Successful Artist

    Do you belong to the school of thought that drawing and painting are for the “few talented” ones? Did you develop an interest in art as an adult but you were discouraged that you ought to have started earlier? What if you’re told that as a less-talented individual but with greater desire, you can proceed further in arts than the talented person with little or no desire? It’s so unfortunate that so many artists castigate themselves for not being talented enough to succeed. A common myth among the people is that learning something that demands more devotion and concentration has to begin at an early age. Thus to......Read More

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  • Should Artists go to Art School?

    Art is the reflection of the creativity in a person's mind, and the best way to enhance this talent is to obtain a qualification from a reputed art college. Although some artists have the artistic talent from birth, it is essential that they go to a school to develop this talent by obtaining formal training and education. Moreover, budding artists can also choose from a variety of fields of art and develop their skills to an excellent level. Do you still doubt the essence of an art education? Well, there are many privileges of going to art school like:...Read More

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