What Makes Abstract Paintings Famous

What Makes Abstract Paintings Famous


When you visit an art gallery; you probably could distinguish abstract art among the other pieces exhibited, it is simply because abstract paintings are appealing and eye-catching. With the deliberate play of colors, lines, and symbolic images, paintings with abstraction definitely stand out among others.

  • Modern 6. Painting
    Modern 6.
    Acrylic on Canvas
    Size (WxH): 20" x 20" inch
  • Child's Play Painting
    Child'S Play
    Acrylic on stretched Canvas
    Size (WxH): 40" x 30" inch
  • Atmosphere On The Sea Painting
    Atmosphere On The Sea
    Oil on Cardboard
    Size (WxH): 31" x 18" inch
  • Pure Vitality l2 Painting
    Pure Vitality l2
    Acrylic on stretched Canvas
    Size (WxH): 61" x 33" inch
  • Love Painting
    Acrylic on Canvas
    Size (WxH): 18" x 29" inch

Famous Abstract Paintings

In Western art, abstract painting in its purest form has no identifiable object. Many famous artists in the twentieth century expressed themselves through abstract paintings which paved their way to stardom. They have different painting techniques and styles but they all do create a whole new world for fine arts. Here are some of the most famous paintings that could make any person appreciate art in its truest sense.

- 'Black Square' (1915) - Kazimir Malevich created a work of art that gave abstract art another icon. 'Black Square' is the first 'suprematist' work of Malevich. The painting is the ultimate picture of pure abstraction. Through the black square in a white background, the artist communicates to the viewers about the most common human feeling.

- 'Composition VIII' - This famous piece of art was painted in 1923 by Wassily Kandinsky. The painting communicates to the world through the use of shapes, colors, and lines. There are no representational elements that could be seen in this piece too.

- 'Dantrolene' - This painting is one of the most famous contemporary abstract paintings that could surpass a lot of present art available for sale. It was painted by Damien Hirst in 1994. Viewers will be amazed by the pigments portrayed in the painting. They will search for deeper images that their minds are forced to create. In the end, endless emotions and assumptions will be extrapolated from this painting.

- 'Les Demoiselles D'Avignon' - Pablo Picasso wonderfully created this painting in 1907. The painting depicts four women in a brothel that are not fully abstracted. This lack of abstraction does not reason the paintings' exclusion from the list of the most famous abstract paintings.

- "Number 1" (1950) -- Jackson Pollock was a twentieth century abstract painter, creating this masterpiece which is also known as "Lavender Mist". This famous painting was an introduction to the expressionist movement and is also a reflection of "action painting". Abstract paintings like this are unique because the artist's actions, strengths, and energy could be reflected in the art.

- 'Woman I' - This painting by Willem De Kooning is rather full of emotions that could fill the whole art gallery. His inspiration in painting 'the New York City' could be seen in his work. However, the main attraction of the work is the painful and angry image of an abstracted woman, hence the title of the painting.

How do artists become famous?

There are thousands of artists alive today that produce amazing works of art. How come some artists are famous, and some aren't? Well, there are many reasons for this, but it mainly depends on how dedicated the artist is. Some artists will dedicate their lives to creating wonderful art, while others might not possess the same amount of passion. Maybe the artist started producing high quality paintings at a very young age, like Aelita Andre, who started painting at just nine months old. She is famously known for being the world's youngest artist, as she was just born in 2007.
Many times, the artist will become famous after one of their paintings become famous. In the art world, a painting will be recognized as a great piece of art regardless of how famous the creator is.
  • Abstraction 37. Painting
    Abstraction 37.
    Acrylic on Canvas
    Size (WxH): 47" x 31" inch
  • Untitled  2 Painting
    Untitled 2
    Mixed Media, Collage on Canvas
    Size (WxH): 26" x 33" inch
  • Expression 55. Painting
    Expression 55.
    Acrylic on Canvas
    Size (WxH): 39" x 24" inch
  • Sub Statio-Ii Painting
    Sub Statio-Ii
    Acrylic and Mixed Media on Canvas
    Size (WxH): 26" x 26" inch
  • Reflection On Water-Iii Painting
    Reflection On Water-Iii
    Oil on Canvas
    Size (WxH): 18" x 15" inch

How do paintings become famous?

Let's look at how paintings become famous in the first place. Firstly, the painting must be completely unique and inspiring. Many artists will produce paintings that are inspired by other paintings, rather than creating a unique piece of art inspired by their own life. An original piece of art that can inspire other artist and its viewers, will have a higher chance of becoming famous than a painting that is similar to another person's work.

Important messages within famous paintings

Paintings also become famous when there is a message included, or when it represents an important issue to society. For example, this can be anti-war messages and other messages regarding human rights. Either the painting itself can motivate a movement, or the painting can be submitted to an organization that promotes a certain movement, giving it more exposure in the art world.

Many famous artists throughout history are only famous because they were part of a movement. Back in the day, there were paintings of anti-slavery, and even today, there are paintings widely known for anti-human-trafficking messages. Artists throughout history have managed to hold a worldview on important subjects, often standing up for what's right. Viewers can sense the passion and emotion that was put into creating these types of artworks; however these aren't the only types of paintings that become famous.

Giving the people a reason to remember the painting

Famous paintings generally make the viewer feel some kind of connection, whether it be emotional or spiritual. Before the modern era in art, most paintings included religious messages. These paintings were perfect for the time, as most of the human population was religious and felt a spiritual connection when they viewed the paintings.

If the painting fails to make a connection with the viewers, it will be hard for them to remember it. Sometimes, a talented artist will produce an abstract painting that's inspired by something they see in their thoughts or something that they experienced. In most cases, other people can relate to the painting, even if they don't understand why. This is because the artist succeeded at translating his or her thoughts into a masterpiece. Especially in abstract art, where the viewer may find it difficult to completely understand the painting.

Finally, years of art school aren't what make an artist famous. Sure, art school will help an artist improve his skills. However art school won't be responsible for giving the artist unique ideas, as passion and dedication will be required for the artist to succeed in that aspect.

Abstract art can project positive or negative energy, powerful enough to make the viewer happy, sad or mad. Famous abstract paintings are good at projecting energy; this is why paintings get hung in households for decoration purposes. Mainly, people want a painting that gives off positive energy, making them feel at peace when they're home. Every great painting will connect with its audience in a unique way; it's up to the artist to choose how.
  • Purple Pink Flowery Xxl 1 Painting
    Purple Pink Flowery Xxl 1
    Acrylic on stretched Canvas
    Size (WxH): 79" x 39" inch
  • Emotional Balance Painting
    Emotional Balance
    Oil on Canvas
    Size (WxH): 39" x 39" inch
  • Orange Birth Painting
    Orange Birth
    Acrylic on Paper
    Size (WxH): 11" x 16" inch
  • Passing Through Painting
    Passing Through
    Acrylic on stretched Canvas
    Size (WxH): 40" x 30" inch
  • Midnight Choir Painting
    Midnight Choir
    Acrylic on stretched Canvas
    Size (WxH): 36" x 24" inch

When do paintings become famous?

Paintings can become famous, even if the creator of the work isn't famous himself. If you take a look at history, you will see that many paintings became famous after the death of the creator. Hard work isn't necessarily recognized in the life-time of the artist, so it's hard to say when a painting will become famous. In today's world, artists can share their work online and in many publications. Even though it may seem like there is too much competition, there's always room for another famous abstract painting.

Today with the aid of internet, there are various websites that offer a view of many arts. An art gallery could even be visited through internet! You don't have to go to a physical gallery to view some of the famous abstract paintings as the internet will show it to you in an instance. With the technology today, searching original paintings for sale is extremely easy. Nowadays, a virtual art gallery is not far from reality.

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