List of original paintings signed by artist Olga Darchuk

Having already found her still life works in a gallery by the young and impressive age of five, Olga Darchuk is an artist whose creative process was steeped and fine-tuned from childhood. Her work is a fantastic display of color and life in all forms, and she takes inspiration from a number of different sources. Her work presents itself in the form of colorful animals to cityscapes to natural places in the wild, presenting a full spectrum of artistic expression that anyone can appreciate.

Unlike many artists who present their work in a few different but prominent colors, Olga Darchuk seems to show her work in a wide rainbow of colors that depends only on the mood of the painting and not an overarching theme. Some of her paintings even tend to have what appears to be every color within them. Her animal paintings are most notable for this, as they all use an abundant spectrum of color to make their points. The natural scenes tend to focus on more calming, natural hues such as tans, golds, greens and blues. She uses a lot of gold colors in her natural pieces that seem to embody the idea of the "golden hour" where the setting of the sun sheds a gold light but only for a moment, allowing Olga Darchuk to capture that fleeting couple of settings in her work for a lifetime to come. Truly unique, this artist can bring emotion to something as familiar as a potted plant.

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