Welcome to the largest and fast-growing art community in the world which is a roadmap to invest in art. The process of selling original art is not like trying to become a movie star. Some people are lucky and are successful in this field but overall this field is occupied and influenced by an elite cabal of some influential people. But the mission of is to ‘democratize’ the process of selling art.

GalleryToday is leading website gallery in US which offers talented and skilful artists. We offer our customers a platform to sell their original art work online to the public. You can sell and buy art online without any hassle and fuss. Your art will be displayed, advertized and marketed online and we will work extremely hard to bring clients to you. You will be provided payment processing and credit card facilities. We have been promoting great artists since 2002 and we feel proud that we are one of the US’s most visited website for art lovers and collectors.

Benefits offered to painters:
We offer many benefits to our loveable painters and artists. Here are a few of them:

  • Username and password to login and post your paintings;

  • Create, handle and delete your artworks whenever you want;

  • Complete the descriptions of artworks and then upload your paintings after taking photographs;

  • State-of-the-art test drive tools have been developed by us so that customers can see how your art looks like while hanging on the wall;

  • Price your artworks;

  • When your paintings are not available for sale, you can edit or mark them as “sold”;

  • You will be 100% connected with your paintings and sales on and we will inform you through email and text message when an order is placed;

  • After passing our anti-fraud screening checks, you will be informed of an order so that you are sure that your order is legitimate and ready for shipment;

  • We pay artists through Bank Transfer or PayPal and take care of the issues faced by our clients.

Things to be kept in mind before joining:
Before joining please make sure that you agree to the following terms and reference:

  1. The arts you want to sale must be 100% original, signed and hand made paintings;

  2. Selling of reproductions, prints, art collages, digital art or anything computer generated is not allowed;

  3. A commission of 30% is charged from the selling price set by you at your artwork;

  4. You must package your artwork carefully and dispatch it readily when an order is placed;

  5. Delivery time to client should not exceed 20 days from the moment the painting was dispatched;

  6. The prices of your artwork must not be higher than those mentioned on other online galleries or your personal website;

  7. You, as an artist and a seller, should understand that to fully satisfy your collectors we offer 10 days money back guarantee which means that the customers can return your artworks if they are not fully satisfied within 10 days. Our customers will pay the returning postage and insurance costs.

  8. To cover range of your account administration charges, we require an annual fees of $145.00 USD.

Ready to join?

The joining process of is very simple and fuss free.

To apply as an artist and start selling on, click the button below. You'll be asked to enter your payment methos (Credit Card or PayPal).

Exhibition fee: 145 USD per year (VAT will apply for artists located in European Union countries)

NOTE: Your initial payment will be 0.00 USD. Your card will be charged with our exhibition fee only after 3 days of joining (once we review your paintings).
If we think we can't sell your paintings on our website and can't represent you, your order will be canceled and you'll not be charged.

 A service sold by: FastSpring Company, 801 Garden St., Santa Barbara, CA 93101 USA

* A service sold by: FastSpring Company, 801 Garden St., Santa Barbara, CA 93101 USA