Art and Science introducing Painting VS Computer

Art and Science introducing Painting VS Computer

Once, long ago in a land called Communication, there lived a child named Painting. He was the son of a family called Artists. The Artists were one of the most influential families in the land and had close ties to other elite such as Speech, Writing, and Music. Painting held a position of authority in the land as did his younger brother Sculpture.

The land of Communication was very structured and developed peacefully for thousands of years. One day, not long ago in the land of Technology, a daughter was born to a family called Scientist and they named the girl Photography. She was a bit of a misfit among the Scientists and they one day decided to put Photography up for adoption. The Scientists had noticed that Photography had a talent that they believed might be of interest to the Artists so they set about convincing the Artists that they should take young Photography as their own. After much deliberation the Artists finally agreed to take her in.

Photography did not adjust well to the long established traditions of the Artists but nonetheless, grew up quickly and with Painting’s grudging consent became responsible for the recording of portraits and events. Photography was an ambitious youngster and was not satisfied with her limited role. When she was still young, Photography decided to challenge Painting for his position. The battle was short and though Photography did not win a decisive victory, she did succeed in occupying a portion of Painting’s sizable territory. Painting, being left with less than adequate breathing room, decided to move a number of his clan to a new uninhabited region called Abstract.

  • Warrior (2021) Painting
    Warrior (2021)
    Oil on Canvas
    Size (WxH): 28" x 20" inch
  • The Last Flowers Of Autumn 2 Painting
    The Last Flowers Of Autumn 2
    Oil on Cardboard
    Size (WxH): 8" x 16" inch
  • Nude Female Painting
    Nude Female
    Oil on Canvas
    Size (WxH): 12" x 12" inch
  • Sunny Autumn Painting
    Sunny Autumn
    Oil on Canvas
    Size (WxH): 18" x 24" inch
  • Erotics-Xxxv Painting
    Watercolor on Paper
    Size (WxH): 10" x 14" inch

A son was born to Photography and was called Motion Picture. He has become extremely powerful, quite savvy in business and politics and now controls of much of the land of Communication. Motion Picture has incredible potential for good by virtue of his diverse ancestry and upbringing. Unfortunately, he is somewhat shallow and quite greedy. Not unlike many young rulers that rise to power too quickly, he has not allowed his potential for good to fully manifest.

Shortly after the birth and subsequent abandonment of Photography, the Scientists had another daughter and they called her Computer. The Scientists loved Computer very much and in fact everyone loved Computer because she was so willing to help them with their work. Everyone, that is, except the Artists and most of all Painting. They were suspicious of this new member of the Scientists family. They feared Computer because of the conflict they once had with Photography and the painful division that had developed among them with regard to Motion Picture.

Computer is still very young but developing quickly. She has seemingly limitless energy and has been used to great advantage by many, both for good and evil. So important has Computer become that it is nearly impossible to get things done without her help. It remains to be seen what she will become. Some fear that she is plotting a scheme of World domination and will someday rise up against the other kingdoms.

  • Last Snow Painting
    Last Snow
    Oil on stretched Canvas
    Size (WxH): 22" x 28" inch
  • Woman With Camomile Painting
    Woman With Camomile
    Oil on Canvas
    Size (WxH): 24" x 31" inch
  • Panda Family Painting
    Panda Family
    Oil on Canvas
    Size (WxH): 24" x 39" inch
  • Fallen Trees Painting
    Fallen Trees
    Oil on Canvas
    Size (WxH): 31" x 20" inch
  • Fantastic Landscape Painting
    Fantastic Landscape
    Oil on stretched Canvas
    Size (WxH): 18" x 24" inch

I do expect that Computer will soon be one of the most influential forces in the World but I don’t believe that she harbors any evil plan of her own. She does, however, have many would-be advisors and a reckless tendency to blindly follow their self-serving advice. Computer once offered Painting full use of her services in exchange for his friendship and council. Painting turned a deaf ear to the offer and is now quite alone in the World and seems to be slowly fading away along with his vast wisdom and experience.

My fear now is that, if Painting doesn’t put aside his bitterness and reconsider the invitation, Computer may be forced to assume her inevitable throne without the benefit of Painting’s friendship and spirit.

Posted on 02/10/2023 Art Blog 425