The most popular art painting subjects

The most popular art painting subjects


At times people who want to buy paintings do consider subjects as their primary factor. Speaking of art subjects, there are enough varieties to satisfy the needs of most painting lovers. Whether a painting is among the most popular subjects such as Abstract, Landscape, Floral, Nude, Figurative, Still-life, Cityscape-rural or Animal, the main purpose of a subject is to communicate the message of the painting. In other words a subject is what the painting is all about, e.g. a painting might be depicting what certain people are doing, for example scenes of a military nature. The other thing that goes hand in hand with the subject is the mood of a painting; which is basically how the colors are used to make you feel happy or sad, inspired or irritated.

Abstract Paintings

A subject that is known to convey feelings and emotions, without necessarily replicating its surroundings, would be known as Abstract. Commonly referred to as images to feed the soul and with a history that can be traced to the works of Kandinsky (1866-1944), abstract paintings have attracted most of the celebrated art painters of our times. The beauty of this art is that the artist does not inform the people's comprehension of it; even in the most vague or overstated way by depicting anything in the natural world. Two popular examples of Abstract paintings include 'Out of The Blue' by Sheri - currently retailing at about $4000 -- and 'The Beginning' which is an oil paint on cardboard painting by Ramazi Kazishvili.

Figurative Paintings

Another popular subject is the Figurative Painting; also known as the representational painting, this art is influenced by real objects, people and animals. The main objective of figurative painting can be called the creation of an impression; with an emphasis on the object. Most of them are easy to understand, though emotions my lead to different interpretations from one person to another. An example of modern art paintings with figurative subject is 'The Fear of Life', oil paint on canvas by Zhana Viel. The nude theme; which is mostly included under Figurative Paintings, turns out to be one of the ancient art subjects from Greece and Rome. The subject is usually symbolic and narrative, expressing the artist's sensuality. The famous Leonardo Da Vinci has many nude paintings to his name.

Landscape and Still-life paintings

Other very popular modern painting subjects include landscape such as 'Fire Pond' by Kachina Anastasia, 'Baobab' by Vica Morvay and 'Decorative like Friends' by Rajeev Kumar. There are also still-life paintings; mostly showing natural or man-made inanimate objects, an example of this is the 'Good Appetite' by Janikor.

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