Top 8 Famous Paintings of the World

Top 8 Famous Paintings of the World

Paintings express the feelings of the heart as art, on canvas. Many paintings may have left us stunned and awed, but some have imprinted upon our minds and have won their place among the world's best paintings.

1. The Last Supper (Leonardo Da Vinci)
This is the acclaimed creation of the renowned artist Leonardo Da Vinci which is showcased at the Santa Maria Della Grazie Church, Milan. This famous painting was about the last supper of Jesus Christ with his disciples, and it expresses innocence, despair, and guilt, just like the Bible says.

2. Mona Lisa (Leonardo Da Vinci)
This is another work of art by the genius Da Vinci and is presently exhibited at the Muse du Louvre, Paris. This painting was created in the 16th century and was intended to bring out the real beauty of Mona Lisa. The unique attribute of this painting is that her eyes seem to follow you no matter which angle you view her from.

3. The Kiss (Gustav Klimt)
This painting is the successful creation of the brilliant Gustav Klimt and can be found at the  Österreichische Galerie, Belvedere Museum Austria. The title of the painting says it all- the actual desires of a man and a woman. Many senior artists have claimed that the painting is, in fact, a representation of Gustav's real life.

4. Hambletonian (George Stubbs)
This is the only painting of a horse which has made it to the list of “top five famous paintings” in the world. This painting depicts the feelings of a loyal horse towards his master, as it is just standing on its two left legs.

5. Factories at Asnières seen from the Quai de Clichy (Vincent Van Gogh)
This painting was done by Van Gogh in 1887 and depicts a view of facilities in the Asnières-Sur-Seine area. The background is a rural area, with factories separated by a fence and the sky is a dull, gray color. The buildings are well defined, and this painting tries to show how manufacturing plants were taking over the natural Parisian countryside and soon would dominate the world.

6. The Starry Night (Vincent Van Gogh)
This is one of Van Gogh's famous creations and was painted in 1889 almost a year before his death. This is one of the 12 paintings he completed as part of his Cypress collection in Saint-Rémy-de Provence and depicts the night sky outside his window at the sanatorium. A part of this art is calm and quiet while the other part is a night sky full of stars and energy, covered in kinetic swirls which have an original edge to it. Some say that this was intended to be a hallucination the artist had experienced while painting this while others say that he just wanted to be highly imaginative. The starry night is still the topic of many art-related discussions to this day.  

  • Autumn Lace Painting
    Autumn Lace
    Oil on stretched Canvas
    Size (WxH): 32" x 24" inch
  • Flowers From My Garden Painting
    Flowers From My Garden
    Oil on Canvas
    Size (WxH): 24" x 20" inch
  • Morning 2 Painting
    Morning 2
    Oil on Canvas
    Size (WxH): 16" x 12" inch
  • Melody Of Autumn Painting
    Melody Of Autumn
    Oil on Canvas
    Size (WxH): 35" x 24" inch
  • Daisy Romance Painting
    Daisy Romance
    Oil on stretched Canvas
    Size (WxH): 16" x 24" inch

7. Road with Cypress and Star (Vincent Van Gogh)
This painting was finished in 1890 and portrays a pair of travelers walking along a cypress tree. The cypress tree is thought to differentiate the transition between old and new. There is a fading star on the right and a brightening crescent moon on the left. People say that Van Gogh thought he would die soon and therefore depicted his feelings in his drawings.  This is quite similar to Starry Night although the swirls aren’t as prominent.  The two travelers symbolize Gogh’s want of companionship.

8. Wheatfield with Crows (Vincent Van Gogh)
This was painted in 1890 and is thought to be Van Gogh's last work although there isn't any proof. This painting shows a dark, stormy sky above a wheat field with many crows flying about, directionless, and a muddy path which seems to stop in the middle of the field. Again, this painting was thought to be influenced by his premonition of his death because of the tell-tale death signs- crows, a steep path that stops and the dark sky. Some debate that the path signifies his loneliness.

There is an endless list of artworks, but this article narrows down some of the most famous ones that have been spoken about the most. Nevertheless, the budding artists will surely secure their place in future.

Posted on 04/04/2017 Art Blog 2081