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  • What is and who benefits from art therapy?

    What is and who benefits from art therapy?

    Art therapy provides the clients a chance to perceive, express themselves, and communicate effectively during a secure therapeutic session with the therapist. This can be held as one-to-one sessions, or as group sessions. Both as equally beneficial. This is often practiced in educational institutes, psychiatric wards, art psychotherapy, self-development groups, nursing homes, rehabilitation programs, prisons, and many other places which require psychological counseling. Also, the sort of therapy also digs deep into the subconscious of each individual. The world that surrounds us is a reservoir of innovation, individuality, and power, but sometimes can also feel that it is a container of negativity. Art therapy utilizes various art forms to release the immense amount of negativity and communicates with the subconscious to stimulate an abundance of growth and positivity.Read More

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  • Do you have to be Talented to be a Successful Artist

    Do you have to be Talented to be a Successful Artist

    Do you belong to the school of thought that drawing and painting are for the “few talented” ones? Did you develop an interest in art as an adult but you were discouraged that you ought to have started earlier? What if you’re told that as a less-talented individual but with greater desire, you can proceed further in arts than the talented person with little or no desire? It’s so unfortunate that so many artists castigate themselves for not being talented enough to succeed. A common myth among the people is that learning something that demands more devotion and concentration has to begin at an early age. Thus to lots of individuals, if you wait until an old age before harnessing some skills, then you're wasting your time. The truth, however, is that being talented is just a stepping stone to success. Although, some artists might naturally have the upper hand in some artistic skill sets, being successful at art has to do a lot with dedicating yourself to build and master the needed skills. To learn such skills, the foundational step before the usual “3Ps” is to change our perspective on our abilities (as the wrong thoughts would always hold us back from success).Read More

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  • Should Artists go to Art School?

    Should Artists go to Art School?

    Art is the reflection of the creativity in a person's mind, and the best way to enhance this talent is to obtain a qualification from a reputed art college. Although some artists have the artistic talent from birth, it is essential that they go to a school to develop this talent by obtaining formal training and education. Moreover, budding artists can also choose from a variety of fields of art and develop their skills to an excellent level. Do you still doubt the essence of an art education? Well, there are many privileges of going to art school like:Read More

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  • Top 8 Famous Paintings of the World

    Top 8 Famous Paintings of the World

    Paintings express the feelings of the heart as art, on canvas. Many paintings may have left us stunned and awed, but some have imprinted upon our minds and have won their place among the world's best paintings. There is an endless list of artworks, but this article narrows down some of the most famous ones that have been spoken about the most. Nevertheless, the budding artists will surely secure their place in future. The Starry Night (Vincent Van Gogh). This is one of Van Gogh's famous creations and was painted in 1889 almost a year before his death. This is one of the 12 paintings he completed as part of his Cypress collection in Saint-Rémy-de Provence and depicts the night sky outside his window at the sanatorium. A part of this art is calm and quiet while the other part is a night sky full of stars and energy, covered in kinetic swirls which have an original edge to it. Some say that this was intended to be a hallucination the artist had experienced while painting this while others say that he just wanted to be highly imaginative. The starry night is still the topic of many art-related discussions to this day. Read More

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  • What is a Modern Painting Art

    What is a Modern Painting Art

    A modern painting is a fantastic medium for artists to convey and share their beliefs, emotions, and thoughts through creativity. There exist many ways in which an artist can express things like drawing, abstraction, composition and much more. Modern painting can be categorized into representational and natural such as a landscape, an abstract, and also photographic. Art pieces can also incorporate narration in them while some artists include emotion, symbolism, and politics. What makes a painting to be modern is how intensely it's perceived and represented. An artist will use various degrees of intensity, which are also personified by colours throughout a medium. Artists often use plane surfaces with different levels of intensity alongside to express shapes. Just as rhythm and pitch are to music, tone and color are to paintings, essential parts.Read More

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  • How Modern Paintings Can Enhance Your Home Decor

    How Modern Paintings Can Enhance Your Home Decor

    Are you troubled about giving your living/working space a new look? Have you been looking for a trusted way of setting up an inviting atmosphere for your room? Do you know that your room’s appearance could depict your personality? What if you’re told that a modern painting could give the positive impact you’ve always wanted? Sure you’ve been to a friend’s place where the painting décor flows effortlessly from one art piece to another, holding your attention as if it’s paradise on earth. Indeed, the decoration of a home comes with so many hassles especially for those who’re not skilled at interior design or better those who’re gifted in decoration. The good news, however, is that there are now several choices to make about home decoration. Such options range from the creation of open space for free movement, your selection, and arrangement of furniture, the use of dramatic lighting, use of creative centerpiece, concealing of the TV set, use of bold accent wall and lots more.Read More

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  • Buying original paintings online

    Buying original paintings online

    Online purchasing can be a tedious task sometimes because we can't physically handle the product, and we can't be sure of the outcome. Many art sellers have been struggling to keep their business up and running in selling original paintings online. The reason for this is that not many people prefer to buy paintings online as they can’t look at the minute details. But there are many advantages of buying art online You don't have to waste money and time, traveling (obvious reason) No need of an art gallery and this reduces the commissions and makes paintings cheaper. You can create your collection by choosing from similar paintings You can make a comparison of prices and pick the best deals. You can select from a variety of artists, refine the search according to your tastes. You may even bump into accomplished painters whom you've never heard of. It's like chicken soup for the craving art-lover.Read More

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  • How to become a famous painter

    How to become a famous painter

    Arts is a very powerful field in which individuals need to have genuine love and passion in order to excel well. In as much as some people were born natural artists, it is possible for others to acquire artistic skills through education and training and become outstanding artists in the long run. Just like any other profession, anyone can become an artist if they invest time and resources to pursue a career in it. However, the choice of being famous isn’t entirely in their hands, and this is because of other many external factors also come into play. There are many ways to become an artist but that’s a topic on its own. Our focus of today is whether it is possible for anyone to become a talented artist. Now, let’s have a debate about it.Read More

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  • Religious Paintings: Their History and Purpose in Modern Day Society

    Religious Paintings: Their History and Purpose in Modern Day Society

    Religious paintings are expressions of religious themes and principles from the perspective of individuals who are of different denominations and religious groups. These paintings can be traced to as far back as the 1st and 2nd centuries where artists were heavily influenced by their social and economic realities. Read More

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  • Canvas Oil Paintings

    Canvas Oil Paintings

    Painting on canvas became popular during the early Renaissance era, as Italian artists began to use canvas as their medium for oil painting. The wooden panels that were used previously became less and less popular as the popularity of canvas painting grew. Today, the majority of contemporary artists will create canvas oil paintings rather than the alternative mediums. These are high quality paintings that many people will invest in, as the value of a classic painting never drops. Most well-known paintings are created using oil on canvas, and a large amount of people own canvas oil paintings to decorate their home. Read More

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