Famous Floral Paintings

Famous Floral Paintings


There are many famous floral paintings that are being reproduced all over the world right now. People love floral art for two reasons, the meaning and the beauty. Different flowers have different symbolic messages tied to them, and this is why some flowers are more popular than others. Some types of flowers carry important role in traditions and various vultures throughout the planet. Many of the earliest known paintings were in fact paintings of flowers and plants. Artists throughout mankind's history have been inspired by flowers, as they are the perfect object to paint due to the fact that they don't move.

Examples of Famous floral paintings

-'Roses and Sunflowers' (1886): 'Roses and Sunflowers' was created in 1886 by Vincent van Gogh. This beautiful painting is currently being hosted at a museum of modern and contemporary art called 'Kunsthalle Mannheim'. Like most of Vincent van Gogh's art, this painting was created with oil on canvas.

-'Bouquet' (1599): Jan Brueghel the Elder produced this well-known floral painting in 1599, and it is one of the oldest floral paintings dated. Portraying beautiful flowers, 'Bouquet' is a wonderful example of floral art and a famous painting indeed.

-'Vase of Flowers' (1480): Like most of the floral paintings from this era in time, 'Vase of Flowers' is a painting that depicts a good deal of religious symbolism. Flowers were used to represent symbolic messages on religious art in floral art's earlier years.

-'Still-Life of Flowers' (1614): Ambrosius Bosschaert developed this unique floral painting in 1614, and it definitely represents the still-life of flowers well! The shading and realism is astonishing, just like the detail of the flowers.

-'Still-Life with Bouquet of Flowers and Plums' (1704): Owned by the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, this painting is a well-known work of art for all the right reasons. The overall detail and emotion that this painting brings is priceless, and the different colored flowers will take your breath away.

Things That Make Paintings Become Famous

Everyone has their own opinion on what makes a painting become famous. Some people say its talent, while some argue that many talented artists never get recognized. Therefore, it's somewhat of a controversial issue. Many paintings and artists didn't get recognized for their work until after their demise. In the end, their passion paid off, as they will be remembered forever for their beautiful works of art. Vincent van Gogh has been dead for a long time now, yet almost everyone recognized the name.

Also, not many people will disagree when one says that most famous paintings are inspiring or were innovative at the time the artist produced it. In fact, many of the famous floral paintings were created by artists of different movements and painting styles.

So, is it the artist that becomes famous first, or is it the painting?

It's actually very difficult to tell which comes first, the painting or the artist. Perhaps both become famous at the same time, as an artist usually just want the painting to be recognized and appreciated. Some artists will seek fame and never come close to being remembered for their artwork. It takes passion, dedication and loads of inspiration for one to create a painting that is outstanding enough to become famous.

So, unless the artist was already famous for being an actor or musician, then it's not likely that the artist will become famous first. There's a large amount of competition in the art industry and contemporary artists are especially finding it difficult to get recognized for their talents. Even with the help of the Internet and social media, it can be hard for one to create a painting that becomes famous in today's world.

Yet, it is very possible for the same reasons that make it more difficult. The Internet makes it possible for anyone to showcase their material, but only a hardcore fan of art will sit through and browse paintings from unknown artists.

Paintings that were famous and appreciated 100 years ago are still being reproduced and copied at high rates, often more than artwork from contemporary artists. There are famous floral paintings from the 15th and 16th century that are still being reproduced so the average person can enjoy them in their home as decoration pieces. It's safe to say that when a painting is great, it will become famous for centuries.

Why is the Painting Famous in the First Place?

Most famous paintings hold a symbolic message or were the result of creative artists trying new techniques and styles of art. The painting must be original, appealing, and inspiring for it to become recognized. Paintings from previous eras in time became and remain famous due to what they represented and the movements that the artists were a part of.

Today, an artist will have to work extremely hard to get recognized for their paintings, as there's a large amount of competition all competing on one place - the Internet.


In conclusion, each type of flower will hold a different meaning and not everyone will be inspired by the same flower. Famous floral paintings have been created by inspired artists, who felt that they had to capture the beauty of the flowers in which they were painting. The demand for floral artwork has increased over the time; therefore many manufacturers are making reproductions and copies of the original paintings. This is all because people love to hang these paintings up on their walls for decoration purposes. Regardless of your preferred type of flower, every famous floral painting is capable of changing the entire mood of a room. These paintings give off so much energy that it's almost impossible to ignore, they can definitely liven up a room.

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