Contemporary Landscape Paintings

Contemporary Landscape Paintings

Landscape paintings depict images of various settings, such as a waterfall or a field of grass and a sunset. From beaches to forests, contemporary landscape paintings display these settings in unique and even abstract ways.

Many contemporary paintings take up multiple canvases, producing a stunning and stylish effect often used for decoration. It's not uncommon for a child's first painting to be of a landscape, as landscapes can mean a lot to an individual. They can represent an artists' favorite place, or a place they remember from their past. Regardless, contemporary landscape paintings aren't nearly as focused on realism as traditional ones. From cardboard to canvas, a contemporary landscape painting can be painted on nearly any type of painting material.

Examples of Contemporary Landscape Paintings

-'The Secret Supper' (2013): Nino Kobaidze created this beautiful landscape painting in 2013, which displays an abstract landscape scene. There appears to be a meaning behind this painting, more so than other landscape paintings that are just representing the beauty of a setting.

-'Venice 2' (2013): Created with oil on canvas, 'Venice 2' is an outstanding picture of Venice, displaying the water and the buildings. Kachina Anastasia is responsible for producing this beautiful painting, in 2013.

-'The Train' (2013): Gia Ravazi produced this beautiful landscape painting in 2013, and it displays a train. Manmade elements weren't usually included in traditional landscape paintings, so this is a great example of a contemporary landscape painting.

-'Floating Sand' (2013): This painting was produced using oil on canvas, in the year 2013. Robert A. painted this amazing painting that depicts sand and a building, omitting as much detail as possible. 'Floating Sand' is a very unique painting, one that represents a simplistic type of art where the artist manages to create a beautiful painting without using too much detail.

-'Landscape 16' (2013): Theo Dapore created this contemporary landscape painting using oil paint on canvas, just like many of the other examples did. The sky looks amazing, and this may be one of the best examples of fantasy art being incorporated into landscape paintings.

About Contemporary Landscape Paintings

Traditional landscape paintings were created using traditional methods, such as the focus on realism. Those paintings often displayed realistic settings, as the authors paid close attention to every little detail on the paintings. Contemporary landscape paintings can be just as realistic and detailed, but there are many more styles of art that are embraced in today's world. Therefore, some newer landscape paintings are simple, with some even embracing a cartoon like appearance. During the time when traditional art was popular, the only type of landscape painting created had a heavy emphasis on realism.

Contemporary landscape paintings can be made with different types of paints, such as acrylic, water or oil paint. Different artists will prefer different paints as they will want to capture scenery in their own unique way. There are quite a few artists who enjoy creating landscape paintings with water paint, while most professional artists will use oil or acrylic paint. However, water paints can still be used by professionals as many of them like the look of water paint for landscape art. Aside from that, most contemporary landscape paintings are created on a canvas.

Impressionist style artists have always paid close attention to the details in their landscape paintings, making sure to capture the scene as they see or remember it. On the other hand, minimalist artists will make it a point to leave out any unnecessary details in the painting. More recently, contemporary artists have begun to incorporate fantasy landscapes into their paintings. This means that the artist can make up an imaginary setting, and there are no limits to what the artist can create. Since artists in today's world are able to paint controversial paintings without having to stick to a particular style, it seems that their landscape paintings are more unique.

Landscape paintings can help add positive emotion and energy to a room, so they are ideal pieces of art to hang up in a living or dining room. Think of a place where you want to be, such as the beach or river, and then find a painting of it for your house. There is no better type of painting that you can use for decoration, as everyone has a place that they would love to be.

Even though artists will generally paint beautiful settings, some of them are dark and gloomy, with rainy and more depressing settings. It all depends on how the artist is trying to express or represent the scenery that they are painting. The ultimate difference between traditional and contemporary landscape paintings is the fact that traditional paintings tried to capture the scenery almost like a photograph would, as accurate as possible. Now, we have cameras for accurate photographs of a location or setting, so artists can manipulate or represent a landscape in the way that they wish.


Contemporary landscape paintings represent beautiful scenery all across the world, and even imaginary settings that the artists come up with. Thanks to the help of various types of paint, a landscape painting can even have unique textures to make it look even more realistic. Different types of oils, acrylic and water paints can each affect the appearance of a painting in a unique way.

Landscape paintings often depict grass, water, and other elements that will require the painting to be textured. Sometimes, an artist will simply make the entire painting with one texture, such as a glossy or matt finish. Whatever the case, contemporary landscape paintings are beautiful and make for great decoration pieces in any home.

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