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  • How To Sell Your Paintings Online - Tips On Selling Art

    How To Sell Your Paintings Online - Tips On Selling Art

    As someone trying to sell art, you might be aware of the immense challenges that can exist when doing so. Far from being something that people find easy, the challenge in selling art comes from finding the right kind of personality and intent in the words that you produce. When you want to try and give people an idea of what makes good art, it’s important to know the most important factors in making the sale possible. as someone people are coming to when they want to buy art, some personality factors are expected to be detected and appreciated by those who visit your page.Read More

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  • Portland Art Galleries

    Portland Art Galleries

    It is a well-known fact that new artists consistently arriving to contribute in the Portland Art scene is largely responsible for the impact this city is having all over the world. The artistic individuals represented in Portland art galleries are a diverse bunch working in multiple mediums that make a powerful contribution to the contemporary art scene. Read More

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  • Art Galleries in LA

    Art Galleries in LA

    Los Angeles is one of the top American cities in terms of the art world. It has become an art scene that thrives from its own unique structure and rules. The city is becoming known worldwide for supporting established and emerging artists; it is also home to a large community of younger artists who arrived in L.A. to attend the city's art schools. The art collectors in L.A. are most interested in contemporary genres that have been on a continuous upswing since 2000. L.A. has become world renowned for being a contemporary art city; after several decades of arriving to at this status, the transformation appears to have happened overnight. Read More

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  • Seattle Art Galleries

    Seattle Art Galleries

    In recent years, Seattle art galleries have become a significant addition to the art scene in the U.S. It is home to beautiful works of diverse mediums; sculpture; textiles; urban art; and performing arts. Seattle is well known for its music scene. One of the world's most famous orchestras, The Seattle Symphony Orchestra, is located in Seattle; it is one of the most recorded orchestras in the world. Most are familiar with the ever popular rock 'n' roll movements that began in Seattle. This city is widely known for the major grunge rock movement in the 1990's. Let's not forget the impact this city has made in the performing arts. The Pacific Northwest Ballet is world renowned. With more than 20 live theatre venues the performing arts is thriving in this city. Read More

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  • Modern Art Gallery

    Modern Art Gallery

    A modern art gallery is a museum that one can visit to view beautiful and unique modern art paintings. In today's world, many modern art galleries are dedicated to displaying both modern and contemporary art. Modern art is any painting that was created from the 1860s until the 1970s, which is a time when artists started to experiment with the types of art and painting techniques. Vincent van Gogh, Paul Gauguin, Georges Seurat and Paul Cézanne all played big roles in the expansion of modern art. Cubism, fauvism and other movements became popular during this time, as artists were moving away from the traditional methods of painting. Read More

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  • Art Galleries in New York

    Art Galleries in New York

    New York is the largest populated city in the United States. It is known all over the world for its metropolitan area. In fact, the art galleries in New York help set this city apart from the rest of the state. It is largely known as being a power city in the industries of commerce, finance, research, technology, entertainment, and of course fine art. Most describe New York as the cultural capital of the world. The art galleries located in New York have played a major role in building the reputation of the city. In fact, most would agree New York is one of the major components that have helped evolve the worldwide art scene to what it is today.Read More

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