We currently represent the following 147 artists:

  • A. Roy

    Roy is inspired by the furious passion of Van Gogh, the adventure and grit in Papillon and Robert Louis Stevenson, Messner for being alone with the mountains, the total irreverence and Bohemia of Henry Miller, rebellious youths in The Wild One, “What are you rebelling against? What’ve you got?”, the sublime serenity of Tagore and Ray, and courage and greatness of the Mahatma.

  • Adolfo Ccolque Taipe

    I was born in Espinar, in Cuzco, on September 27, 1967. I lived there with my parents until I finished junior high school. They were not artists, but they always supported me in all my decisions, and they guided me on the right path in life.

  • Ahmed Kheder

    I Define Art as a product of creativity , beauty and scarcity. Criteria of an oil painting artwork is not easy and it goes beyond the first impression and emotional effect the Artwork leave in the heart after passing through the eyes, i see its basic elements as follow :

  • Aleksandr Breskin

    ALEXANDER BRESKIN is a modern Ukrainian artist. He lives and works in Kyiv. Having worked as a professional artist since 1974, he has excellently mastered in various art techniques, and he creates series of works in different artistic directions.

  • Aleksandra Bzdzikot

    Aleksandra's artworks are exhibited internationally. She has had exhibitions in Poland, US, Italy and Austria.

  • Alexandra Duhlinska

    My name is Alexandra Duhlinska. I was born in Pleven, Bulgaria. I am 29 years old. I’ve been an artist for more than 14 years. I love drawing as I love my family and life! I struggle for the best quality in shape and idea of the artworks.

  • Allan Friedlander

    My paintings of landscapes, flowers, and abstracts reflect my many interests. Born and raised in Southern Georgia has given me a passion for the rural countryside and a love of the outdoors.

  • Ana Caballero

    Ana Caballero was born in Mataró at the sixties. She grown in a working-class neighborhood, which was built by modest people of the postwar period migration, at the outskirts of the city.

  • Anastasia

    Born 1978. Lives and works in Kiev, Ukraine
    Specializes in oil painting, murals, glass painting, gesso, interior design
    Member of the Ukraine Artists Union of since 2002.
    Participates in international exhibitions since 1992.

  • Andrzej Jucha

    I was born in Olsztyn, in Poland, on February 16, 1993. I am still studying and painting, but when I'm painting, I'm not studying :).

  • Anna Buzinova

    Anna Buzinova was born in St. Petersburg, Russia, in a family of notorious local artists. She attended children art school, then children design school and then her choice of the future profession was not a surprise. In 2008 she graduated from St. Petersburg State University, Faculty of Fine Arts, majoring in Graphic Design. During her studies Anna was actively mastering different painting techniques and materials. Her paintings participated in several young artists exhibitions and contests.

  • Anna Kerashvili

    2005-2009 Bachelor, Tbilisi State Academy of Arts. Furniture and Wood design,
    2009-2011 Master Degree of Fine Arts. Tbilisi State Academy of Arts. Painting.
    2001– Group Exhibition for Human rights International days of United Nations (Tbilisi, Georgia)
    2009- Personal Exhibition at Small Exhibition Hall “Academy +” –Tbilisi State art Academy (Tbilisi, Georgia)
    2009 -Student Festival of traditional Art : “Nation Voice

  • Anna Sobko

    Paintings are poems without words: they represent the real world with a force which strikes imagination. Look at a sand clock. Let's flip it over, and reality, as a thin sand flow, is running away from us to the past. Flip it again and we turn to the present time. Similar, in each picture an artist is stopping the reality, creating the snapshot images of time. Of course each piece of art is a subjective reflection of the artist's vision of life. As an artist, and movie director of animation cartoons, I used to work in different styles, genres and techniques.
    Here is my short bio.

  • Anna Timshina

    I was born and live in the moment in Russia, in the city of Perm. I draw since I was a child. I graduated from art school. My grandfather is also an artist, and he taught me a lot.

  • Anna Trigub

    I was born in 1983. I draw since the childhood. I like to work as oil at a canvas, using a palette knife, a brush. Also I draw many graphic sheets with the image of people, landscapes, still lifes. I like to draw a feather. To be pleasant to do works with use of equipment of a pastel, alternating thus pastel equipment to gouache. In 2002 graduated from the Kaluga art school with honors.

  • Ariel Geronimo

    It is so much joy and beauty that our inner voice can be rendered both in shapes and colors. Then these shapes and colors bring us to rear more depth and breadth of insights that usher us to greater wonders - a spiral of pulchritude known to anyone committed to his creative passions.

  • Chetan Katigar

    Chetan is a young artist born in 1989 (India) and belongs to a very poor family. His painting style is semi-abstract to expressionism painted as watercolor on paper. Has many exhibitions through India largest cities including Mumbai.

  • Chevassus-Agnes Jean-Pierre

    Initié à la peinture dans mon Enfance par ma mère décoratrice sur porcelaine
    à la faiencerie de Salins les Bains puis formé en grande partie par moi-même,  sur le terrain et en atelier, tout au long de ma pratique continue de la peinture en étudiant les Maitres Occidentaux : Paul Cézanne puis  Orientaux : les lettrés Chinois .

  • Connie Cruse

    Educational Background
    • Philbrook Museum of Art, Tulsa, OK. -courses in Fine Art
    • Minneapolis Institute of Art, Minneapolis, MN. - courses in Art History
    • Daniel Green, Salem, NY. - Portrait painting instruction
    • Minneapolis Institute of Art, Minneapolis, MN.-Ink and Chinese painting instruction

  • Cristina Mihailescu

    I am a self taught artist and I hope you will enjoy my paintings as much I enjoyed to create them. 2013 was the year when I started to realize that it was my time to do what I had always wanted to do, painting, but didn't allow myself to pursue. I've bought my first acrylics set and since then I never stopped.

  • Daniel Penna

    Daniel Penna was born in May 1951 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He participated in several individual and collective exhibitions.

  • Daria Tischenko

    Daria Tischenko was born in 1985 in Boyarka, Ukraine. She studied at private art studio of Mykola Zuravel.
    Member of several national and international exhibitions and plein-air ART since 2008.

  • Debarati Sarkar

    Debarati Sarkar born in Kolkata, India 1975.

  • Dimitris Pavlopoulos

    My name is Dimitris and I'm a creative artist in the art of painting, having my own studio in Thessaloniki.

    0 paintings
  • Dmitry Shokalo

    Dmitry Shokalo born 06.07.1981 in Mirgorod.