List of original paintings signed by artist Gubarevich Irina

Irina Gubarevich is an artist of Belarus origin, whose professional path in art began in 2004, when she became a student at the Minsk State Art College named after A. Glebov, specializing in easel painting, but the commitment to an artistic destiny was formed in a very young age. While still studying, Irina took part in an exhibition dedicated to the heritage of the Czapski count family, which was held at the National Historical Museum in Minsk. Later, Irina held three solo exhibitions in Belarus: “The charm of nature” in the State Library of Dzerzhinsk in 2023, “Resplendent Life” in Borisov in 2017, and “Color is Life” in Dzerzhinsk in 2016. She also took part in many group exhibitions and creative projects in Belarus and Russia.

The main techniques of her art are oil painting, drawing and painting on glass. In creating paintings, the artist mainly uses a palette knife and prefers bold, pastose brush strokes. In search of subjects, Irina always sought to move away from the ordinary and look at the world from a new angle, to see new colours in it. Colour plays one of the main roles in her works. In many of her works, contrasting colors and the use of straight colours prevail. The artist invites the audience to plunge into the carnival of life, full of vivid emotions, love for the world around and enjoyment of beauty.

The main genres of art by Irina Gubarevich are landscape and animalier art, as the artist loves wildlife very much. The purpose of depicting animals, birds or fish, especially representatives of the Red Data Book, is to draw attention to the importance of their preservation in the world and the non-interference of man in their natural environment. The artist strives to convey the character of an animal or bird, as well as the perfection and harmony of wild nature, untouched by people. In her landscape works, Irina Gubarevich preserves memories of walks and trips that were significant for her, special views and states. At the same time, the mood in the landscape is more important than the realistic rendering of details. Irina tries not to copy reality, but to pass it through her soul.

The artist loves to depict various natural and weather phenomena: the first rays of spring in a March forest, a cloudy autumn day on the Mediterranean coast or a sunny August in a Moscow park — all these scenes reflect especially beautiful moments of life. Often decorativeness, fabulousness and theatricality can be traced in the works of Irina Gubarevich. The artist prefers to search for unusual colors, transforming the surrounding world into a mysterious universe of dreams or fantasies. To achieve this effect, the artist uses the method of mixing various materials: glossy and matte, as well as “metallic” paints, colored canvas primer.

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