List of original paintings signed by artist Daniel Penna

Daniel Penna is an artist who was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in May of 1951. He has been a part of a number of different exhibitions, both solo and collective. His works are in countries all around the world, and it is from all across the world that he takes his inspirations as well. Daniel Penna primarily paints buildings and landscapes in his work with occasional religious symbology found throughout them. There seems to be a focus on churches and other such buildings in many of his paintings. One of the paintings by Daniel Penna even features Jesus, Mary and Joseph to suggest he is in fact painting from a place of religious feeling.

Daniel Penna uses a lot of standard earthy colors to craft his work. Many of his paintings have a solid brown color that makes up the main color scheme. From those browns, other earthy colors stem. A lot of deep, natural greens can be found in his paintings, even those that feature a church, house or other building as the focal point. Sky blues and reds are other colors that you will note in his work. Daniel Penna seems to want to paint mostly realistic pieces, suggesting that he is taking direct inspiration from real life places that he has been to before and was able to observe. The work of Daniel Penna is wonderful for those who enjoy traveling and want to see glimpses of the state of things around the world.

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