List of original paintings signed by artist Thomas Leung

I was born on May 30th, 1958, in Hong Kong, the eldest of four sons. My father was an artist and I grew up watching him create works of incredible beauty on canvas. I knew that I would someday also learn to capture the same enchanting atmosphere that his works possessed.

I first exhibited my paintings at the Leung Gallery located at the Miramar Hotel in Hong Kong alongside my father’s works. Our family immigrated to California in 1978 and I would later become an American citizen. I attended the College of Alameda where I studied art. While still in college, I began to develop my own unique style, discovering exciting new avenues to express my ideas through abstract painting.

I have always had a keen interest in nature. Having a strong love for travel, I would capture the landscapes I saw on those journeys in my paintings, including the explosive volcanoes of Hawaii, snowy mountain peaks, and dreamlike Chinese vistas. I have continued to paint images of these places over a 40 year career.
In other paintings, I experiment with color, portraying intense movement, and discovering new paths of artistic creation that deviate from my fathers works. Viewers may wonder what exactly I am expressing in these abstract works. I am inspired by the starry night sky and the flow of water. I translate the dynamic, exciting, mysterious, and colorful aspects of life and nature. I want the viewer to be surprised and see something unexpected every time they look upon my work.
Past major public shows include the Art Expo in New York, Boston and Los Angeles. I have been involved in gallery exhibitions all around the world, including in the United States, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Japan and China.

My work is collected by art lovers all around the world. My work is also published as limited and open editions, sold in retailers including IKEA and Costco.
In 2009, I founded the Leung Gallery in Shanghai, where I currently live and work.

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