List of original paintings signed by artist Margarita Suliaeva

Margarita Suliaeva is a visual artist who specializes in printing graphics, mainly on the lithography. She adores this ancient technique for its ability to synthesize both cold steel and the power of a machine on the one hand and living hot human blood on the other. Fantastic combination! And in general, the topic of oxymoronic dissimilarity permeates all of Margarita's work. She graduated from the Moscow State Academic Art Institute named after V.I. Surikov (alma mater of Ernst Neizvestny, Tahir Salahov, Erik Bulatov, Viktor Popkov, Gely Korzhev, etc.) with Honor a graphic artist. Graduate Thesis: Series of Graphic Artworks “Mzunzu”- 16 pictures created in 2020 – 2021 during and after cultural expedition to Africa (Tanzania), focused on re-discovery of African tribes’ indigenous cultural heritage (on the basis of the diploma work, the first solo show was created - about intercultural difference, the deep nature of the origin of mankind, the childhood of each individual and the global Child). Participant of many Moscow and All-Russian exhibitions. Participant of volunteer projects related to helping children from Tanzania, refugees from Ukraine and Russia. Was born in Moscow, but recently (March 2022) left the territory of the Russian Federation and lives in sunny Serbia.

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