List of original paintings signed by artist Aleksandr Breskin

A modern Ukrainian artist, Aleksandr Breskin has been a professional artist since the year 1974. He works in a number of different art techniques to create his unique pieces. He was educated in art schools since his childhood and continued his work in a number of academies and private art schools as he aged in order to fine-tune his work. Aleksandr Breskin's art has been featured in different exhibits across a number of different countries and has been a part of a few different Russian competitions.

His paintings teeter somewhere between the world of the physical land and some dreamscape, with even his landscape paintings verging on the brink of turning into something abstract. As if looking at the world through a psychedelic lens, Aleksandr Breskin brings his unique and colorful view of the world into focus on each one of his pieces. Aleksandr Breskin uses every color imaginable in his work, especially when it comes to his abstract paintings. He seems to want to evoke the feeling of the chaos of the dream world while still keeping a foot in the natural world. His pieces often use yellows and pinks to tell their tales while an emphasis of orange and red. Not only does he paint abstract pieces and natural landscape pieces, Aleksandr Breskin also dabbles in the creation of nudes of the female form. He also has some portraits in between his other, more abstract paintings as well.

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