List of original paintings signed by artist Alexandra Kravchinskaya

My artistic journey, although it sounds painfully pretentious, started in the earliest stages of my life, but only in 2017, at the age of 16, I’ve started considering art as a career option. Later on, however, when I had to make a choice, there was no courage to whether it would be ‘the right’ route, mainly because of reoccurring depressive episodes. Therefore, I’ve decided to make it easy and go for something that would not evoke so much worry and fear, or any deep emotions.

In 2018, I applied for a bachelor's program in marketing and management. Briefly, that wasn’t it. In 2019, I’ve decided to study psychology. It still didn’t create any sparks. Whatever I considered to be the best option, was a well-thought concept, but unfortunately nothing more. But I guess the truth is that most people are living in the concepts, they just fail to notice them. Although the parameters that I set for myself were ideal (provided this term can be used at all), they were dead, senseless, soulless, and even trivial – perhaps like any person that tries to extinct their own inner voice for the sake of desired commonness. At the beginning of 2021, I decided to start working with colors again. Not in my intention to lie, I still have depressive episodes, but now at least I can exist beyond my mental health problems in each bright and dim color and each brush stroke on the canvas.

All of my paintings transmit the inner-states that humans go through, from despair and hope to love that can be almost lethal. Withal, when you go through tough emotional states, you almost inevitably reach a sense of building loneliness. Physically, we are always alone in some sense, but the feelings that evolve in us may create a bond that is almost unbreakable, that would unite every lonely creature that rambles through the world. My art is designed to make people reflect and see that what they feel is unique and truly important. The world, nature, and society will forever remain. They may change their features, but they never fade away. Our feelings, in contrast, can vanish in a few seconds. They are as out-and-outer as the colors of the sky. Therefore, my works aim to capture those feelings and make them last on canvas.

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