List of original paintings signed by artist Nina Rassen

Princess by blood. Artist by the heart.

Do you believe in the reincarnation of souls and that the soul is energy, and it does not disappear anywhere, but only changes its volume, states and bodies? NINA RASSEN is an artist with an individual unique handwriting. Many subjects come to life in her paintings: ancient forgotten knowledge from the Universal Library, knowledge from other Galaxies and messages for the Human race which she transmits to us in an understandable format of an ART. She lived for a long time in Australia (Sydney), therefore, in her work, someone can see the motives of the aborigines of the mainland. She often lived in Italy (Venice), which she really misses - this city can be recognised in some of her works. Paris - took a special part in her life due to her professional work. As a Princess she has organised numerous events to support people who seek inspiration through different roles as artists, designers, singers, writers, people of different art professions and different social positions from homeless to a descendant of the Royal Russian family. The paintings are painted in the NEW STYLE on multidimensional bionics. Direct well-established dimensional communication and state of presence allows NINA RASSEN to transmit information in this format.
"The soul is eternal", as they say in many religions and teachings. It is shown HOW it works in the artworks

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