List of original paintings signed by artist Oleg Khoroshilov

I was born in Nalchik, Russia. Graduated with B.A. in Painting and Graphic Arts. I regularly participate in exhibitions in Russia. I’m a professional painter who also takes time to teach children how to paint and appreciate art at the art school in Nalchik. Many of my paintings have found their new owners in different countries (USA, Canada, Spain and others).

I’ve embraced realism in my work even though I utilize elements of other styles as well. Western European and Russian arts have provided the most influence on my style. Insert examples of artists and styles here Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin – realism, landscape, Stanislav Nikireev – realism, landscape, Ilya Repin- realism.

My still life paintings revolve around showing a connection between creations of nature and the mankind.
The landscapes are full of calmness, yet they exhibit joie de vivre. They show the elements that are deeply engrained in my heart – the areas where I grew up as a child and the places where I honed my artistic skills as an adult. I want to share that beauty with the rest of the world. As one artist said, “I revere the perfection of nature’s creations, seemingly so simple, yet tremendously diverse with intertwined elements that leave no room for waste or misuse. Every element has its purpose and I merely reflect the beauty of it all in my paintings. Is there anything more refined than the one created by nature?!”

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