List of original paintings signed by artist Larissa Uvarova

Larissa Uvarova – modern Ukrainian artist. The direction of her art is abstraction. She creates her artworks oil on canvas, sometimes mixed media. She believes that the painting is the energy first of all and it should be a source of strength and inspiration for the viewer. The painting is just the guide between artist’s feelings and the viewer. Larissa inspires the world around her, passes her observations through her feeling and after that she can create new abstraction. She prefers to create on big formats of canvas.

All her paintings are multilayered regardless of the way they were created: whether ironed with a brush or structured with a palette knife. Each artwork is full of paints, transitions and shapes. It always contains a lot of energy even when it is a romantic, smooth painting, created with a brush. She has been exhibiting her artworks since 2012 in Ukraine and Europe. The last exhibition was in Woman's Essence Show concomitant event official pavilion of Bangladesh 58th Venice Biennale. Palazzo Zenobio, Dorsoduro 2596, VENICE in April, 2018.

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