List of original paintings signed by artist Faramarz Mokhtarpour

Dr. Faramarz Mokhtarpour was born in the cultural and art lover family in Iran (Mashhad) in 1964. He was interested in painting from childhood, drawing with perception from what he saw around himself. He gradually experienced working with watercolor and gouache. He won the first prize in the Painting competitions at schools across the country. He experienced working with oil paints and later pastels by the time he was 15 years old.

Family circumstances and academic talent led him to his college major course in 1982 and accepted in Mashhad University of Medical Sciences. And since 1989 he graduated and entered the field of medicine in addition to art, too. Associated to education and medical profession has used every opportunity to experience and cr4eate paintings, and Guided by contemporary masters , with the help of art textbooks and use of the nature , the finest paintings artistic creature he has been able to gain experience in the fields of painting.
His particular interest to nature led him in many of his works perspectives of nature's beauty seen. His painting style was realism with tendencies to impressionism and sometimes surrealism, Inner sense and the years of experience plays a significant role in the creation of his works.

Published artworks in the book collection of works, postcards and postersA period of presence on board the visual arts MashhadParticipation in the jury of several cultural and artistic festivalsParticipation in holding about 50 individual and group exhibitions at home and abroad.

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