List of original paintings signed by artist Jacqueline Doyle Allison

Creating art that inspires and shares an optimistic message has been the result of a series of very personal and yet universal “come back stories” starting with a dire prediction that I might be born blind. Luckily, my genetic condition never resulted in sightlessness but afforded me a deep appreciation for eyesight. Later, collective and challenging life lessons such as a difficult divorce, several cross-country moves and a recession-driven career change, all gave me the existential opportunity to sink or swim.

Choosing to keep my focus on the positive while being treated for aggressive cancer six years ago was the game changer and my abstract paintings now embody the combined energy of each of these private decisions to choose lightness over dark. Sharing this lifelong experience of overcoming the odds to focus on inspiration and hope through my art is a pictorial reminder that there is always a silver lining if we choose to look.

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