List of original paintings signed by artist Snjezana Blagsic-Vallenssia

As long as I could remember I always painted and drawn.

I am obsessed with women portraits, however the abstract landscapes are also my theme.
I like to create certain mood in the painting and would like the observers to see it too. I like my paintings realistic with one step into the abstract. I like to mix realistic with non-realistic, portraits that have the synergy of facial expression and emerging emotions. Emotions that we are hiding from people around us and we choose to keep them inside.

I held several exhibitions in early age and my acrylic paintings won international awards:

Bronze Featured Artist in ArtAscent Magazine issue Lost.

Special Recognition Award
The painting LIGHTHOUSE won a Special Recognition Award at the 7th Annual Landscape Exhibition by the Light, Space & Time Online Gallery among 658 artworks all over the world.

International All Women Art Exhibition Special Merit Award

Special Merit Award by the Light Space and Time Online Gallery

Special Recognition Award in October 2016 for the Outstanding Art

Artsy Shark Featured Artist
December 8th 2016

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