List of original paintings signed by artist Kennth Halvorsen

Born in 1956 in Hollywood, CA, Kenneth Halvorsen is an American painter who is known for his memorizing landscapes in brilliant colors, extensive texture and fluid motion. His original plein air paintings are executed in thick oils with pallet knife and brushwork with attention to detail in hyper realism style. The works begin on blank cotton canvas, linen or a wooden board by applying darklights first as a classic impressionism execution technique. Layering the textured professional grade oils takes several weeks allowing a few days in between for each layer to dry. The lighter tones are applied towards the completion of the artwork which creates an extreme depth and definition with contracting smooth vanishing point in every serene composition. This style is intended to surprise the viewer and create the feeling of a great appreciation for the higher quality fine art.

Getting a personal training and guidance from both of artists parents, Ken has expressed the purity of breathtaking execution in all seven disciplines of the body of the landscapes studies. Kenneth Halvorsen paints in large scale and is recognized for his outstanding custom colorization and scaled gallery quality. Centered around the “principle of delicate grace,” Halvorsen’s creations have earned worldwide recognition among international private collectors and aficionados.

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