List of original paintings signed by artist Lynne Taetzsch

USA artist Lynne Taetzsch enjoys creating pieces that are full of symbolism for the user to decipher. Believing that she can reflect her own spiritual transformation through the use of art, Lynne Taetzsch creates nostalgic pieces that are primarily of cities and landscapes with a focus on the aquatic world first and foremost. Her use of dark colors brings a sort of nightmarish realm to the real world, while some of her other pieces use primarily reds and yellows as if to contrast against her darker pieces. This puts the viewer in a position where they can examine their own elements of light and dark within them. Lynne Taetzsch combines both the real world and the dream world in her painting to offer a sort of surrealistic feel. For example, her cityscapes are often blurred as if looking at them from a faraway and uncertain place in time, whereas her natural landscape pieces are far more put into focus so that one can see every crest of the waves in which she portrays.

Abstract pieces are present in her work as well, and they generally use colors such as yellow and black at the same time. She seems to enjoy using yellow colors as a way to represent the uplifting parts of life while the heavy use of black suggests the more nihilistic side of her life. Lynne Taetzsch's natural landscapes are a bit gloomy and unnerving in a way that many landscape pieces are not.

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