List of original paintings signed by artist Teimuraz Kharabadze

Born in the year 1964 in Georgia, Tbilisi, Teimuraz Kharabadze is a professional artist who uses both graphic art and painting to make up his portfolio. Teimuraz Kharabadze spent many years within the Institute of Tbilisi both in the Academy of Lakoba Nikoladze and the Tbilisi State Academy of Fine Arts, specializing in both painting and graphics.

A member of the Artists' Union of Georgia, Teimuraz Kharabadze has had many of his paintings in exhibitions from the year 2003 to the present day. It is easy to see why his work has been featured in so many exhibitions with just a quick look at his pieces. Teimuraz Kharabadze concentrates on the softer side of life by incorporating gentle color palettes into his work. When painting people, namely women, Teimuraz Kharabadze seems to use soft colors of blues, purples and pinks. He does the same when painting his still life pieces consisting of flowers. Teimuraz Kharabadze's work is largely a study in human beings both male and female.

These paintings are often figurative paintings, but he does often spend his time painting abstract pieces as well, most of which usually include the colors of reds and oranges. Animals also seem to be a favorite of his with paintings in his collection that range from roosters to bulls to cats to butterflies and beyond. Semi frequently, he will depict buildings and other locations from his homeland. Teimuraz Kharabadze is a well-rounded artist with pieces that can liven up any home.

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