List of original paintings signed by artist Peter Nottrott

Peter Nottrott was born in the year 1962 in a town called Flensburg, which is found near Hamburg, Germany. Having attended Atelier YAK, a private art school in Hamburg, Peter Nottrott began his full-time work as an artist. What once began as a career full of surrealistic and photorealistic paintings evolved through time into the art that he creates today, which is abstract.

Driven by a love of color and life, Peter Nottrott creates an abstract collection that is full of life and vigor. His paintings seem to bring a room to life with their huge array of colors. The themes of his abstract art seem to be of an explosive nature, one where color bursts from the center of his mediums and spirals out to encompass the entire piece. Even in his black and white paintings, Peter Nottrott manages to get his vibrancy across and his enthusiasm for life in the dynamic abstraction found there.

Showing off his love for life, Peter Nottrott uses cheery yellow tones in some form or another in nearly all of his abstract pieces; if it is not the defining color then it is in some way the supporting color. A lof of reds and oranges are also present in his works, helping to further the explosiveness and fieriness of his work as well. These colors are often subdued with the inclusion of blues, greens and grays, providing the viewer with a well-rounded look at what it means to be fully present in one’s life.

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