List of original paintings signed by artist Vladimir Volosov

Vladimir Volosov was born in St. Petersburg, Russia. After authoring more than 100 scientific articles and teaching in universities, he devoted his life to art and painting. He strives to create paintings that offer realism, offering images that reflect what he sees in his life. This artist has had his works displayed in many different galleries, and he won two gold medals while at a New York exhibition in 2010.

Vladimir Volosov uses an impressionist style when he is not creating his near photo-realistic images, making him an artist that can create just about anything he sets his mind to. Vladimir Volosov creates visions of landscapes primarily, but he does not focus on a single landscape style like some other artists. Instead, Vladimir Volosov paints a huge variety of realistic landscapes that enrapture the viewer and make them feel as if they are viewing the imagery in person and for themselves. Vladimir Volosov paints oceans and lakes, but the most prominent of his landscape pieces tend to center around autumnal scenes; Vladimir Volosov paints a lot of rolling hills filled with autumn colors, and paints from perspectives that put these colors in the forefront. Trees are often depicted with just as much color and realism as many of the other different landscape styles he employs. Since the artist chooses to focus mostly on fall colors, the main color hues running through the paintings of Vladimir Volosov are red, orange, yellow and green.

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