List of original paintings signed by artist Emilia Milcheva

With the goal of allowing herself to connect with the world around her, Emilia Milcheva is a self-taught artist who strives to recreate the beauty of the world and the way in which is makes her feel. With each stroke of her brush, Emilia Milcheva feels as if she is one step closer to the natural beauty and the native creatures around her.

With the belief that creation is one of the most important aspects of being a human, Emilia Milcheva puts passion into her work that is clear to see at just a simple glance. Her paintings are marvelous displays of color that she uses to express not only the natural state of the world but also the way in which these images make her feel, truly reaching out to the world around her and becoming one with them through art.

Her work tends to focus on natural scenes and still life. Images of potted flowers, sprawling fields, beautiful meadows, autumn scenes and more make up her sprawling portfolio. In an effort to touch upon all of the different aspects of the world around her, Emilia Milcheva uses an array of color and cannot be pinned down to only one color palette. One can note that her brushstrokes are always soft and purposeful, thoughtful and pensive, inviting those who gaze upon the work of Emilia Milcheva to contemplate nature and the viewer's surroundings in a way that connects them, and as a byproduct, connects them with Emilia Milcheva herself.

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