List of original paintings signed by artist Nusret Nishefci

Born in the year 1954, Nusret Nishefci is an artist who was taught his technique through a number of educational institutes. Such institutes include the High school of Art in Peja from which he graduated as well as the Academy of Fine Art in Prishtina where he graduated in the year 1979.

Nusret Nishefci creates paintings that look well put together and easy to view from a distance, but as one gets closer to them, it becomes easy to see the near frantic paintbrush strokes that take over each piece to form the paintings that he sells. Many of his paintings focus on life and the abstract. He seems to enjoy painting trees in every form, from their bark to their trunks to their leaves. Sometimes these paintings seem close up on the subject, while other times they are viewed from a distance in order to give a greater feel for the overall image. Nusret Nishefci also enjoys creating abstract pictures as well. His abstract work varies in style and in color; some are dark and gloomy, near surrealistic pieces that invite in feelings of uncertainty and confusion, while his other pieces are vibrant and colorful displays of life. He enjoys using colors such as yellow, pink, orange and red in his abstract work, all of them working together to form something totally original in each piece. Red is a color that spans most of his work, suggesting a certain level of passion he holds within him.

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