List of original paintings signed by artist Natalia Pastushenko

A graduate from the architecture department of the Ukrainian Academy of Arts and Architecture in Kyiv, Natalia Pastushenko is an artist through many different mediums: graphic design, book illustration, drawing and more. Yet, her biggest passion lies in painting, and that is clear by the works that she creates. Her art has been showcased in many different parts of the world, including Germany, Poland, Italy and more as part of solo exhibitions and group collections as well. Her work consists of symbolic imagery which she find difficult to even explain herself, yet works from a place of "subconscious" painting that makes her style stand out as truly unique from the others.

Natalia Pastushenko paints a variety of abstract art pieces, which have no real common vein except that many of them feature images of people doing different activities. Natalia Pastushenko's abstract art reaches into the imagination and pulls out a variety of subjects, some of them including symbolism of cats, flowers, fruits and gardens. There are a few pieces where she paints a cityscape and skyline. Her art pieces are bright and colorful, bringing to life all of the many hues that are found in the world around her and transferring them to canvas. In her paintings, a lot of the colors to be found are peaches, browns, reds, purples, pinks and greens. Her paintings are always very busy and have a lot going on, giving the viewer of Natalia Pastushenko's art something to consider as they gaze upon them.

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