List of original paintings signed by artist Kestutis Jauniskis

Kestutis Jauniskis is a painter that has been traveling the world for many years, displayed in just as many exhibitions as a solo artist and as part of a group. His paintings are a part of many private collections, and this artist has made a name for himself in many countries due to the quiet optimism that can be found in his works. He creates paintings that feature abstract elements along with those taken from his imagination, pairing the two to create a picture of what he wishes the world could be.

Kestutis Jauniskis has been featured in galleries since the year 1995, and from then, his style has continued to evolve. Kestutis Jauniskis tends to stick to painting landscapes as his main subject. Many of his paintings are of the ocean, while just as many depict images of rolling hills and fields. He is unique in his style because his paintings do not often come with a lot of detail, creating works that instead use different strips of color to pull together an image. A unique minimalistic artist in that sense, Kestutis Jauniskis is able to bring to life a sprawling landscape and put the viewer inside of it with just a few colors and long brush strokes. The fields in his paintings are often subdued-looking ones, filled with different rolling colors that bring to life a complex image. Flowers are sometimes present in these fields offering an autumnal look.

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