List of original paintings signed by artist Shivayogi Mogali

Shivayogi Mogali is an artist who was born in India in the year 1958. Having had nine solo exhibitions and been a part of five other exhibitions in his time, this artist has begun making a name for himself in the art world. His work is generally abstract by design, and he uses a lot of earthy colors in his work as if to somehow tie in art to the real world. Shivayogi Mogali creates his work on an interesting number of mediums and sometimes creates collages out of jute fabric, but in his paintings, he sticks to a similar style that runs throughout all of them.

The work done by Shivayogi Mogali borders on prehistoric with its unique way of being; a lot of his pieces are so abstract that they look as if they could come from the walls of a cave or from a scroll of hieroglyphics. Shivayogi Mogali uses a lot of browns and reds in is pieces with a few muted greens and yellows found throughout. His work changes as time goes on to instead include more color as he puts the human form into focus. He creates not with realism but with exaggeration of certain features and an abundance of color that suggests his work reflects his passion for the human form. His human subjects are all women, and he seems to put a lot of focus on both the shapes of their arms as well as their hair.

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