List of original paintings signed by artist Petr Ldin

Peter Ldin is an artist born in St. Petersburg and was raised around a family of artists as well. This inspired him to pursue his love of painting, and you can see his passion for life and his passion for art in everything he does. Peter Ldin puts a lot of focus on the female body, not always necessarily nudes, but just the expression of life in the female form.

He was a part of an art school in St. Petersburg and then went to the St. Petersburg State University where he pursued independent projects that eventually created his own unique way of producing art, one that he took from not only his youth being surrounded by painters, but also  from what he learned at the university.

His creative expression often manifests itself in the different styles of art he produces, including still life paintings, portraits and nudes. His colors are often soft and gentle, inviting the reader to take a moment of serenity out of their days and gaze upon what he clearly believes to be the miracle of the human form. Even his black and white pieces seem to show off the many facets of life with their great attention to detail. Hues that are often used outside of the black and white include pinks, blues, purples, grays and whites. His female subjects tend to choose poses of sleepiness and relaxation, with each painting coming together to create a common theme.

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