List of original paintings signed by artist Sergey Rybak

A member of the National Union of Young Ukranian Artists, as well as a graduate of the Odesse High School of Arts and the Kylv National Art Academy, Sergey Rybak is a Russian artist who was born in the year 1950. Residing currently in Ukraine, Sergey Rybak has had his art exhibited all around the world from everywhere from the Ukraine to the United States of America. Sergey Rybak uses a lot of bright colors in his work, using darker tones of gray and black only as a way to emphasize the rest of the colors in his work.

Sergey Rybak often tends to paint pictures of his surroundings, no matter where that might be, in an attempt to explore the answer to the question of the origin of the world and all of the secrets it holds. This artist uses a lot of reds, oranges and yellows in his work, especially on those pieces that are of buildings in different locations such as Copenhagen and Paris. Sergey Rybak also chooses to portray the parts of life that are not made by man, including the sea and the land in all different seasons. As if to invoke a feeling of calm in the viewer, these natural scenes often are made up of softer colors such as blues, sunset oranges, pinks and purples. His works cover all of the seasons and even include still life paintings such as flowers. This artist also dabbles in painting the abstract.

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