List of original paintings signed by artist Salome Rigvava

- 2011 -“ Video 1 Min” ,group exhibition State Academy of Art Exhibition Hall.
- 2011- “Georgian syndrome” group exhibition in gallery “K-Art”.Kazakhstan, City of Almaty.
- 2011- For active involvement in the performance of the Armenian-Georgian symposium of painting organized in the framework of Getting Involved! program funded by Thedor Heuss Kolleg, Institut fur Auslandsbeziehungen e.V., Eurasia Partnership.
- 2011 - Personal exhibition “The Apple Syndrome” in gallery “New Art Café”
- 2011 - “Fabulous Friday” Event-Charitable exhibition of the paintings of the young artists dedicated to supporting children with disabilities Gallery “Tiflis Avenue”
- 2011 - ’’My Art’’ at TBC Gallery.
- 2011 - ’’Portrait’’ (group exhibition) at T. Tumanishvili Doll Museum.
- 2011 - ’’Ships & Houses’’ group exhibition at “New Art Café”
- 2010 - “One Day” in Tbilisi State Academy of Art Exhibition Hall (group exhibition)
- 2010 - The exhibition hall of Tbilisi state Academy of Art - Romualdo del bianko’s fund exhibition for festival.
- 2010 - “1 Days” grade Master of Art student exhibition in Gallery ’’Academy +’’. • 2010 - Group exhibition of diploma works in Gallery ’’Academy +’’• 2010 - ’’Dynamics’’ (student group project) Tbilisi State Academy of Art Exhibition Hall. • 2010 - ’’Message from the Academy’’ (group exhibition lead by academy students) • 2010 - Exhibition-project ’’12 Days’’ in Gallery ’’Academy+’’ • 2009 - ’’Voice of Nation 2009’’ Traditional Art Student Festival.
- 2009 - Tbilisi State Academy of Art, visual art faculty exhibition .
- 2008 - Exibition ’’Autumn Sighnaghi 2008’’ held with help of Foundation for Development and Promotion of Culture.

- From 4-15.2011 Master’s Degree student of the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts for successful participation in the workshop and exhibition “Interventions”, Project Authors and curators: Prof.Franziska Koch,Zurich University of the Arts Monika Schori,technical manager, Migros museum for Contemporary Art Zurich
- From 07.08.2009 The event at the Batumi New Boulevard also featured an art exhibition: “Artists for the Return of IDPs”. The exhibition brought over 15 renowned artists from Tbilisi and Batumi. The IDP and non-IDP artists joined “BRING ME BACK HOME” campaign to send their message of peace and support of IDP return through art.
- From 13.09.2010 to 24.09.2010 participated in British Council workshop in Tbilisi lead by Clare Mitten.
- From 01.03.2009 to 18.06.2009 was participated in Social Political Art project held in Tbilisi State Academy of Art, which was lead with help of Elizabeth Gast and Germany

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