List of original paintings signed by artist Juan Soto

Born in 1971 in Mexico City, from an early age,shows outstanding qualities for drawing, later studying Architecture, always excelling on graphic expression media as watercolor, gouache, and others. Love the color and vibrancy self-taught experience with other media such as oil, pastel and acrylic, and like many other architects, as a late vocation, returns in the need to express it visually outside the architectural context, but freely, a passion, an overwhelming need to capture paint colors, to painting.

The work performed in this series called Identity is fundamentally iconic and figurative, about the cultural symbols of his environment. The medium chosen for this series also contributes to conceptualize, being authentic bark paper, from the Nahuatl ``amatl-leaf tree`` crafted with the same ancestral technique 3000 years ago for the realization of prehispanic codices, using mainly acrylic and mixed media, taking special care to enhance the feature-rich bark texture. Another element representative and also places it within contemporary art is its chromaticism, also typical in the Mexican culture.

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