List of original paintings signed by artist A. Roy

A. Roy takes his inspiration from artists all across the board, bringing in little bits and pieces of what he loves about each one and incorporating them into each of his works. Born in Bengal, Krishnagar, Roy has moved a lot throughout his life and has taken his cues from the colors, the landscapes and the life that he has witnessed throughout his journeys. This becomes evident when you look at his natural scenes full of serene waters, sprawling mountaintops, pleasant forests and tranquil fields.

A. Roy primarily puts his focus on recreating beautiful natural scenes in ways that inspire serenity and peace in those who view them with their tranquil colors and gentle brushstrokes. He has not been a stranger to painting the human form, however, and his paintings encompass not only the beauty of the nude female form but also the general beauty of human beings in their everyday lives, including portraits and others.

Flowers and other still life such as fruits are also a part of A. Roy's portfolio, making him a well rounded painter whose works can appeal to just about anyone. That said, he seems to enjoy placing special emphasis on flowers, those either in a pot or growing wild in a field or in a garden. No one central color runs through all of his pieces, but it appears as if he has a liking for rich blues and purples as well as fiery reds and oranges all the same.

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