List of original paintings signed by artist Victor Crisostomo Gomez

In times that the art experiment a retrospective look to the indigents. In its greatest for is unexplored, closed as a giant box of surprise with its mysteries. Everything forms a group of harmony, values and source of life or energy.

Finding a way in the Indian painting wing are stage of shadows and peregrination of the real American Indian by intensive and symbolic colors, that gives haughtiness, courage to the urban world, without leaving all the richness of the native life.

Personal exhibitions:
- Symposium Amazonico, club loreto, 1995
- Tsamaren, con todo orgullo, mueseo de la Nacion 1996
- Selva Virgen Galeria Signos 1996
- Amazonia Club Suizo, 1996
- Exibicion de Arte Peruana. Galeria 2V S 1997
- XI concurso Nacional de Artistas jovenes Icpna, Souther Peru 1997
- Buscando un Signo Galeria 2V S Lima-Peru 1998
- II Exposicion deArte Iquitos 1998-Peru
- Arte Actual de la Amazonia-Iquitos 1999-Peru
- Galeria Armonia colectiva permanente – 1999
- V Salon de pintura Contemporanea latinoamericana - Iquitos - Peru 1999
- III Exposivion de Arte - Loreto - 2000-Peru
- I Salon Ecologico de arte contemporáneo Lima- Peru 2000
- Fuerza de la tierra, Andes y Amazonia Iquitos- Peru – 2001
- New Horizons Academy & Auction Las Vegas, Nevada USA - second annual art show 1999
- Gallery Omaha - NE. USA. 2000

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